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After The Newness Wears Off — What Then?

When we first get something that is new to us, it’s exciting and fresh. The entrance of this new thing seems to touch and enhance many facets of our life. But, as we all know, after awhile the newness wears off. It’s not quite as exciting as it initially had been. We then find our self back to our present reality with another new, old thing.

And so … Continue reading “After The Newness Wears Off — What Then?”

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The Two Minute Shower Camp Maranatha, New Durham, NH

My daughter Caitlin, Chris (her husband) and I were recently headed up to the WW II museum in Wolfeboro, NH. Quite unexpectedly we found our self about 5 minutes away from Camp Maranatha. We decided right then-and-there to go and hopefully see the camp directors Chris and Brenda. It was a long shot, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. For me, it had been at least 12 years since my last contact with Chris and Brenda. It had been even longer for Caitlin. Chris and Brenda are (to this day) two of the most consistent and godly people I’ve had the pleasure to meet. Continue reading “The Two Minute Shower Camp Maranatha, New Durham, NH”

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Knowledge Alone?

I Corinthians 2:14 — But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

Does knowledge alone produce the fruit of the Spirit and further conformity to the image of Yeshua?

I can look up every word in this verse and get the meanings of the words in Greek. OK, now what? Yes, I’ve gained more knowledge and understanding, but what do I do with that new information? How does what I’ve just learned work in me to bring about transformation into the image of Yeshua? In other words: If I keep on learning and getting more knowledge, does that somehow produce a more spiritual outcome? Continue reading “Knowledge Alone?”

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The Religion of Rome — “No Peace With Rome”

The Religion of Rome — “No Peace With Rome”
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C. H. Spurgeon
From the January 1873 Sword and Trowel

I was so refreshed to find and read this article by Spurgeon. Unfortunately, many today in our churches and Messianic assemblies know next to nothing about this great man of God. He has fallen by the wayside along with other great men of God: Moody, Hudson Taylor, John Patton, Jonathan Edwards, George Muller. We’re losing a whole generation to a weakened form of the heritage that is ours. I for one, refuse to let their memories die.

One has to ask themselves: Why aren’t these men mentioned any longer? How have we come so far from what they believed and stood for? Take for example Moody. He was greatly disturbed because he saw folks from his church on the Sabbath (as he called it, though it was Sunday) riding on their horses and in their buggies. What would he think today?

Perhaps, these guy’s, and what they lived and stood for, are too convicting to this generation? Continue reading “The Religion of Rome — “No Peace With Rome””