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Unsung Heros

In this week’s shabbat message from Warren he relates to us the story of 4 different characters in the Bible. These 4 people fall into 2 different categories of preparedness. One group has a plan and puts it in action. The other is living life normally but is trained and ready for when the situation arises to serve God.  We start out in 1 Cor 1:26-29 to frame the message with the backdrop being God deserves all the glory. We are His ambassadors to show the world His light. Shamgar and Jael are some unsung heroes in Judges chapter 3 and 4. Normal people living normal lives that are ready and prepared to be used by God when the need arises. Be blessed!


Biblically Hebraic/Messianic Congregation of believers following Messiah Yeshua, keeping the Torah.

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